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​The product introduction

       Barite is a natural mineral, an important component of barium sulfate. International market uses 80% of mined barite for oil drilling. Our company is engaged in barite mining, processing and production enterprises, leading China’s export of barite products. We offer the United States API-standard barite ore and API-standard barite powder. According to different customer requirements, we control for heavy metal content, including: mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, carbonates, etc. 
       Barite mine:
       API 13A-7 specific gravity of 4.20g / cc or more 
       API 13A-20:
       Barite powder
       API-13A-7 OR API-13A-20
       Size: 75 microns or more, less than 3% 
       6 microns, less than 30% 

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